How to make a debuggable TestFlight build

TestFlight is a fantastic service for distributing iOS app to beta testers. If you are not using it, go and check it out.

A while ago I started using the SDK for debugging builds, and seeing what users were doing with apps. However, there was one bit that never seemed to work. The generation of dSYM files to help with finding the cause of crashes. The documentation does not explain how to do this, but after some searching I figured out what I needed to change.

For me there were two build settings I had to edit, and I had to edit them in the PROJECT and in the TARGETS sections before Xcode would generate dSYMs.

  1. Build Settings > Build Options > Debug Information Format = DWARF with dSYM
  2. Build Settings -> Apple LLVM compiler 3.1 – Code Generation -> Generate Debug Symbols = YES

Also, set the following options to NO.

  • Deployment Post Processing
  • Strip Debug Symbols During Copy
  • Strip Linked Product

You should then be able to generate dSYM files along with your archive, and TestFlight will find them.

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