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Apple Developer Programs and VAT

Recently I have been moaning on Twitter about the way Apple handles VAT on business software & service purchases. Now I have some answers. First, a little background. If you are a VAT registered company in the UK and you purchase software or services from the EU then you do not have to pay that […]

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Installing OpenCV on a Raspberry Pi

This guide assumes you are using Raspbian Linux, you have ssh enabled and are doing everything through the terminal. This install was done on a fresh Raspbian install. Update Make sure Raspbian is up to date: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade (more…)

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How to make a debuggable TestFlight build

TestFlight is a fantastic service for distributing iOS app to beta testers. If you are not using it, go and check it out. A while ago I started using the SDK for debugging builds, and seeing what users were doing with apps. However, there was one bit that never seemed to work. The generation of […]

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How To Recover Synology encrypted folders in Linux

My shiny new Synology DS413 can encrypt shared folders, and has hardware based encryption, making it speedy and low CPU usage when using encryption. Yay. Now I can secure my data fully with FileVault 2 on my Mac and AES encrypted folders (inc TimeMachine backups) on the NAS. This guide at Synology shows you how […]

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Making Octave for Mac draw images

I have never had a version of Octave on the Mac that lets me handle images. They would all crash with a variety of fun errors. Finally, I now have it working. This is what I did. It may or may not work for you depending on what version of Octave you have, and how […]

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Building Ogre for iOS

This post was going to include a long set of instructions on how to set up and build Ogre for iOS 4.3 and get it all working with Xcode 4. Then I discovered a very handy shell script that does all of the building and spits out a lovely .dmg file. The Ogre website does have precompiled SDKs for […]

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