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EgoXproject Released

EgoXproject has been released, and is now available on the Unity Asset Store. (more…)

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Apple Developer Programs and VAT

Recently I have been moaning on Twitter about the way Apple handles VAT on business software & service purchases. Now I have some answers. First, a little background. If you are a VAT registered company in the UK and you purchase software or services from the EU then you do not have to pay that […]

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Installing OpenCV on a Raspberry Pi

This guide assumes you are using Raspbian Linux, you have ssh enabled and are doing everything through the terminal. This install was done on a fresh Raspbian install. Update Make sure Raspbian is up to date: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade (more…)

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Does sshing to your Raspberry Pi using the ip address annoy you? Have you had to do something funky like edit your /etc/hosts file to ssh to you Raspberry Pi by name? Would you like to ssh like this: (more…)

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A while ago, I ran into an issue rendering into an OpenGL ES 2.0 Framebuffer Object when using it in a Unity plugin on iOS. I eventually solved the issue and moved on. However, I kept get getting emails about the issue, and I hadn’t gone back to my original question with an answer. So, […]

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Unity 3.x to Unity 4.x iOS migration

When migrating an iOS project from Unity 3.x to 4.x I found that my app crashed with an error of “unrecognized selector sent to instance” on a system class (UIDevice) that I had a category extension for in a static library. Odd. There was nothing wrong with the code or the static library. The cause […]

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