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Apple Developer Programs and VAT

Recently I have been moaning on Twitter about the way Apple handles VAT on business software & service purchases. Now I have some answers. First, a little background. If you are a VAT registered company in the UK and you purchase software or services from the EU then you do not have to pay that […]

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My new backup plan

For the last few years my backup plan has been: Mac to NAS using Time Machine NAS to USB disks Store the USB disks in a fireproof safe This plan lacks an offsite backup. Not good. And has a weak point when the backup disk is attached to the NAS as the NAS likes to […]

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Making Octave for Mac draw images

I have never had a version of Octave on the Mac that lets me handle images. They would all crash with a variety of fun errors. Finally, I now have it working. This is what I did. It may or may not work for you depending on what version of Octave you have, and how […]

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