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Automatically patch when using Xcode 6 and Unity 4.3.4

If you are using Unity 4.3.4 or earlier and have started using Xcode 6, you will find that your iOS builds fail due to a missing header in the The manual fix is to add the following line to the file, every time you do a new build. A better way is to automate […]

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Does sshing to your Raspberry Pi using the ip address annoy you? Have you had to do something funky like edit your /etc/hosts file to ssh to you Raspberry Pi by name? Would you like to ssh like this: (more…)

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FreeAgent Referral Code for 10% off

10% off FreeAgent with this referral code: 42tu51g8

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Unity 3.x to Unity 4.x iOS migration

When migrating an iOS project from Unity 3.x to 4.x I found that my app crashed with an error of “unrecognized selector sent to instance” on a system class (UIDevice) that I had a category extension for in a static library. Odd. There was nothing wrong with the code or the static library. The cause […]

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My new backup plan

For the last few years my backup plan has been: Mac to NAS using Time Machine NAS to USB disks Store the USB disks in a fireproof safe This plan lacks an offsite backup. Not good. And has a weak point when the backup disk is attached to the NAS as the NAS likes to […]

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