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How to make a debuggable TestFlight build

TestFlight is a fantastic service for distributing iOS app to beta testers. If you are not using it, go and check it out. A while ago I started using the SDK for debugging builds, and seeing what users were doing with apps. However, there was one bit that never seemed to work. The generation of […]

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Building Ogre for iOS

This post was going to include a long set of instructions on how to set up and build Ogre for iOS 4.3 and get it all working with Xcode 4. Then I discovered a very handy shell script that does all of the building and spits out a lovely .dmg file. The Ogre website does have precompiled SDKs for […]

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Tap Play

My first pair of mobile apps, Tap Play and Tap Play Lite, are now both available from the App Store for iPhone® and iPod touch®. Tap Play is an app that allows users to control their music, audiobooks and podcasts with simple customizable gestures (taps and swipes), and Tap Play Lite is a free version […]

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