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EgoXproject is a Unity plugin that allows you to automate iOS Xcode project modifications, such as: adding system and custom libraries adding files adding post build scripts setting build settings modifying the Info.plist Read more or view on the Asset Store.

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EgoXproject Released

EgoXproject has been released, and is now available on the Unity Asset Store. (more…)

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Automatically patch CMVideoSampling.mm when using Xcode 6 and Unity 4.3.4

If you are using Unity 4.3.4 or earlier and have started using Xcode 6, you will find that your iOS builds fail due to a missing header in the CMVideoSampling.mm. The manual fix is to add the following line to the file, every time you do a new build. A better way is to automate […]

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How to make a debuggable TestFlight build

TestFlight is a fantastic service for distributing iOS app to beta testers. If you are not using it, go and check it out. A while ago I started using the SDK for debugging builds, and seeing what users were doing with apps. However, there was one bit that never seemed to work. The generation of […]

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